Capitalism is a popular economic system based on private ownership and free markets. While its basic principles are the same, its implementation varies around the world. Instead of “Capitalist or No,” it’s more useful to think of a sliding scale. There are many influencing factors for anything as large as an economic system. What works in some countries might not work in others. And of course, your results may vary.

The Nordic Model (Sweden, Norway, Finland, and Denmark) is a soft capitalism with high living standards and low income disparity. This system combines free market capitalism with significant social benefits…

Your personal finances need a strong foundation, not moonshot capital gains. This foundation consists of insurance policies and emergency savings. Despite the recent rise of online discount brokerage firms, you don’t need to be a day-trader. Stocks like TSLA and GME have received a lot of attention over the past month. Cryptocurrencies have had a volatile ride since their inception. Yes, there’s a lot of money to be made in the market. But without a strong foundation, trading exposes your personal finances to unnecessary risk. It’s called “speculation” for a reason.

Your foundation isn’t interesting, nor should it be. This…


Traveling is amazing, and the opportunity to see the world isn’t one to be taken for granted. There are plenty of sites out there that will tell you all about the most beautiful locations, hidden gems, best gadgets, and most instagrammable views. This isn’t that. This is a short guide to tell you how to make all that happen. I combined some of my top blog posts so people could find everything on one place.

I quit my job to travel the world for three months and I learned a lot along the way. It doesn’t matter where you’re going…

Geoffrey Taylor

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