Light, Cheap & Flexible [The Sensible Way to Travel]


How to Travel the World With Only a Carry-on Bag

How to Cut Weight

How to Deal With Airports [And Passport Control]

How to buy your ticket

Connecting flights

Visa requirements

Additional requirements

First, get off the plane

Second, run for passport control

Third, take your quiz

Fourth, get past the officials

Finally, don’t forget your eyes and hands

How to Get Started Abroad

Minutes 0–10

Minutes 10–20

Minutes 20–25

Minutes 25–30

Getting to The Door

Checking In

Transportation Options of the World

Self-Contained Transport

Hired Transport

Public Transport

How to Stay Healthy Overseas

Before You Leave — Shots

Before You Leave — Insurance

Bring With You — Remedies

Stay Fit on the Road

Final Thoughts

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